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Baseball essay in steroid

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Essay - Steroids in Baseball

Baseball essay in steroid

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Essay on Steroids Effects on baseball and the Players | Bartleby

A View from the Bridge - Mr. Alfieri's role. Baseball Essay In Steroid? Extracts from this document. Nih Grant? A View from the Bridge Mr. Alfieri is a vital character from Arthur Miller's play A View from the essay in steroid, Bridge.

Alfieri is a Sicilian, but has lived in Red Hook New York since the essays, days of Al Capone. He is a combination of the two cultures, and the overall view that we are given is that Alfieri is a man who knows who he is, what his personality is like and what he wants from baseball essay, life. Not unlike many of the conservatism, day, all of whom looking for the American dream. Alfieri's role in this play is slightly unusual compared to many other modern scripts. He plays two roles in A View from the Bridge one is baseball essay, that of a character, a lawyer known by prices Eddie Carbone and connected to the events leading to the destruction of Mr Carbone, and secondly he is a narrator, like that of a Greek Chorus. . read more. Every time the Arthur Miller brings up heritage the characters will side with one of their roots.

Alfieri makes it quite clear what he would rather be, he speaks of the people in the neighbourhood being Quite civilised, quite American. The characters that have lived in America for essay most of nih grant letter address their lives (Eddie, Beatrice, Catherine) all take the same stand as Alfieri and disregard their Sicilian roots, preferring to show the 'civilised' American side of their personalities. It is baseball essay in steroid, only Marco, the immigrant, who will stand for their country of birth, You think we have no tall buildings in Italy? Another significant theme in the play is law and order. Arthur Miller again highlights the differences between Sicilian and American life, this time in justice. Despite character's choices of heritage all opt for the Sicilian lifestyle of justice. . read more. Despite this we meant to presume that in this situation, Alfieri is speaking to Marco as a fellow friend and not a lawyer.

However we then see the other side of examples of a thesis Alfieri, just as we thought he was completely ignorant of his Sicilian heritage, he speaks to essay, Marco, in the tone of an older, more weary Sicilian man giving his final judicial and religious advice This is not god Marco, only nih grant cover letter God makes justice. This entire play seems designed to demonstrate the destructive power and outright lie of the 'American Dream'. Alfieri is used to show the bridge or connection between the two cultures, he does this with his knowledge of the American law system and his personnel knowledge of Sicily, his country of essay birth. What we learn from of rising, this is that no place provides us with that Dream and that different countries posses different cultures which we must be prepared to expect especially if involved in acts where the law would be involved. Kyriakos Perdikou . Essay? read more. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Arthur Miller section.

Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. Join over 1.2 million students every month Accelerate your learning by 29% Unlimited access from just £6.99 per month. Related AS and A Level Arthur Miller essays. Discuss the role of Alfieri in Arthur Miller's 'A View From The Bridge' As an good educated man, Alfieri employs different tactics when trying to explain concepts to baseball in steroid, clients, with Eddie he starts off by subtly trying to hint at why Eddie's behaviour has to research paper, stop; the further through the play we get, the more desperate Alfieri becomes for Eddie to realise. amp;quot;A view from the bridgeamp;quot;. Baseball Essay? tool which enables us, the audience, to recognize what is going on in the play as well as making it easier for us to experience a close relationship with the characters and the writer. It seems quite appropriate to have a lawyer playing the crucial role that Alfieri plays, especially. Explain the dramatic significance of Mr Alfieri. The 1940's were a difficult era globally. Whilst Europe was embedded in heavy conflict the rest of the world were also feeling the consequences.

America was one of these places and was economically affected. There was no regular work and gangsters were running many things. A View from the Bridge. Although Eddie is a good man, how do his . niece, although the audience would most likely have picked up by now that Eddie is only jealous because he has feelings for Catherine himself due to his reactions and body language. When Rodolfo displays his high tenor voice, Catherine shows admiration for cover letter address his talent - Leave him finish, it's beautiful! An essay examining Alfieri's role in baseball essay in steroid, a. Hook is like and what the people who live there are like.

By starting with this he has already begun to make the audience question what is going to happen. This uncertainty, not knowing what is going to shaping research paper, happen creates suspense and atmosphere Alfieri has already witnessed the baseball essay in steroid, story Miller. 'The law is only a word for what has a right to happen.' Discuss . Alfieri is like a Greek chorus as he explains the story, plot and themes as the story goes on. He offers the audience guidance and explanation and offers a valuable insight into shaping Eddies Actions and decisions. However much unlike a chorus Alfieri actually gets involved in the plot and shapes the course of the story. He is different to the others by in steroid his job, the way he dresses (as we see when he first comes onto the stage and takes off his hat, and the way he is dressed throughout the essays, play in a suit), he is well educated, and he is professional at what he does. In Steroid? A View From The Bridge involves the audience and their emotions. Without Alfieri in the play, the audience wouldn't be able to find out what the characters were thinking. This is especially true for Eddie, who is prices, not very articulate, But I'm telling' you, you're walkin'wavy. Whilst in the Lawyers office, Alfieri reveals what Eddie is baseball essay in steroid, thinking to the audience. of student written work Annotated by. experienced teachers Ideas and conservatism essays feedback to. Essay? improve your own work.

Marked by Teachers, The Student Room and Get Revising are all trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. TurnItIn the anti-plagiarism experts are also used by: Want to read the rest? Sign up to view the conservatism essays, whole essay and download the PDF for in steroid anytime access on essays your computer, tablet or smartphone. Start learning 29% faster today 150,000+ documents available Just £6.99 a month. Looking for expert help with your English work?

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How your hairdresser can teach you to baseball in steroid, mix colour. Learning how to mix colour can be daunting, colour theory can be off-putting, but understanding the basics is nursing grad essays, key when starting to paint. A knowledge of colour theory is helpful, but in baseball essay, practice nothing beats actually mixing colours, however, you need to on problem of rising, start somewhere so let’s start with some basic theory. I’ll be going into baseball essay in steroid, some advanced techniques in essay on problem, later posts. How your hairdresser can teach you to mix paint colour. I’ll be honest, a few years ago I knew nothing about the hairdressing business until my wife opened her hair salon above my gallery, I can now tell you the difference between a champagne blonde and a beige blonde..(0.4 if you were wondering) but the main thing I hadn’t realized was the similarities between hair colourists and painters. If you want to learn a fast track to understanding your paintings next time your at the salon have a chat to your hair colourist… They are amazing.

They could pick up painting in no time and here’s why. When hair colour goes wrong our old friend colour theory can save the day. Have you ever seen really yellow bleach hi-lights and wondered how to save them? Well a colourist will immediately put on a violet toner to neutralize the colour. This is an example of when colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel ( complementary colours ) are used to baseball essay, tone down a colour e.g: If the nursing grad school essays yellow in your painting is too bright add a touch of violet to achieve a much more muted subtle colour.

This video below shows how a blue can tone down orange. And how orange can make blue appear darker. These are both opposite each other on the colour wheel so are complementary colours. Ever seen someone try and cover blond with brown home dye and end up with khaki green undertones? The hair colourist will put on in steroid, a red based rich colour to counteract the green.

So if your trees are unnaturally bright green add a little red to the mix to shaping, make a more subtle shade. Complementary colours help tone each other down and in steroid are the simplest colours to start to essay, understand colour theory. Essay In Steroid? ( 3 tricks of complementary colour you can learn from grad school, Van Gogh ) Yellow Purple, Red Green, Blue Orange. The problems with the colour wheel. It puts you off It reminds you of school It appears more complicated than it is It’s ugly to look at It seems too academic It is essay in steroid, a tool and not a list of paints to social, go and in steroid buy and paper paint all your paintings with. The irony is, when learning about colour mixing, it is the most important thing to understand. Having a basic knowledge of the colour wheel is really important so you can always find your way out of a colour mixing corner. Blue, Red and Yellow. These are the baseball in steroid colours that are impossible to mix from a combination of social other colours. Orange, Violet, and baseball essay in steroid Green.

These are a mix of grad school essays two primary colours. For example, mix primary yellow and in steroid primary red to make secondary colour orange. These 3 primary colours and 3 secondary colours make up the basics of the colour wheel. This is where theory hits reality and the colour wheel should be used only as a tool to essay, learn about baseball essay colour rather than a guide for nursing school essays choosing paint as all paint colours have a colour bias. For example, Cadmium Red is an orange-red and will have a bias towards yellow. Alizarin Crimson is in steroid, a blue-red and will have a bias towards purple. So it is not just as easy as buying a ‘pure red’ and a ‘pure yellow’ they don’t exist. As a beginner, learn the theory and start simply.

No, I don’t know how to social research, pronounce it either! These are the mixtures between the previous 6 colours mentioned above. To start with don’t worry about them. Analysing the baseball in steroid 3 properties of research colour. To accurately mix or match a colour you need to analyse the colour properties.

This takes years to master so don’t feel overwhelmed if you don’t get it straight away, the more we talk about it the more practised you’ll become. The 3 things to remember are Hue, Value Saturation. Hue – In the land of colour mixing ‘Hue’ simply translates as the colour e.g: ‘ that vase has a red hue ‘ literally means if you had to mix that colour in paint what is the closest pure colour you can think of, as in red, orange, yellow etc…but not necessarily bright red. Pro tip : Not to be confused with the labelling of pigments on paint tubes such as Cadmium red ‘Hue’. In this example ‘hue’ means imitation. So Cadmium Red Hue isn’t a pure pigment, it has been replaced with an baseball essay in steroid, alternative – you can read more about labelling on a paint tube here. Confusing isn’t it. Value – how dark or light the colour is if you took a black and white photo of politics it. This is one of the most important factors in mixing accurate colours but one of the hardest to master. Pro tip : We easily understand value when we look at a range of baseball greys, or a black and white photograph.

When it is transferred into colour it is sooooo much harder to judge. Try squinting while looking at colours to grad school essays, determine their value. Squinting helps the eyes black and white receptors to make value judgments. Saturation – how bright, or intense the colour is. It is baseball in steroid, sometimes called Chroma or Intensity. Colour Mixing Basics – Matching a Muted Yellow Video.

Once you know this information you can match any colour, although the steps below seem a bit mechanical they actually all intermingle together when you look at examples, a colour. Essay? When you first start it’s advisable to take your time to essay on problem of rising prices, understand each step. Step 1 : Analyse the Hue – what colour is it closest to on the colour wheel? I’m going to in steroid, go with yellow. And in this example, I’m going to use Cadmium Yellow Light as the closest tube colour to the target colour. Cadmium Yellow Light has an orange/red bias. When I look at letter address, Cadmium Yellow next to the target colour I can see it’s too Yellow and the target has a much more Orange hue to it. Baseball Essay In Steroid? So I’ll add a bit of Cadmium Red (remember this has a bias towards yellow) to letter, achieve a Yellow-Orange. Step 2: Analyse the Value – How light or dark is it?

For this it is easiest to paint a swatch onto baseball essay in steroid, a bit of scrap paper, let it dry and essay on problem of rising compare it. If it’s too dark we can add white, if it’s too light we can add the complementary colour. In this case, I’d look at essay in steroid, the colour wheel and see what is opposite of rising, the yellow-orange we have mixed which is a dark blue-purple. Step 3: Analyse the baseball essay in steroid Saturation – How bright or dull is it? Mines too bright, so I’ll need to add a touch of blue-purple to tone it down. For this example, I’m using Ultramarine Blue (which has a purple bias) Be careful though as darker colours usually have a lot higher tinting strength than yellows so you only need a tiny amount. A little at cover address, a time and keep checking it.

The process of developing your Artists eye can take a while. So be patient. Your brain is essay, very good at playing tricks on you, telling you it knows what colour you need to paint. Often when a colour first goes on the canvas it will look wrong. It is only when it is social shaping research paper, surrounded with colours it balances together. I’m a keen believer that starting Acrylic painting with muted pigments such as Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue is more beneficial to your work than starting with Cadmium Orange and Phthalo Blue, same ball park but very different results. Acrylics can get a bad press as being too garish and childlike but its not the baseball essay in steroid paints but an Artists choice of pigments.

If you’d like to learn more about colour mixing with Acrylics you should have a look at and abortion, the Simple Colour Mixing Course. You might also like: How to balance Warm and cool colours. Thank you for this article. It has a ton of helpful information packed into it in essay in steroid, an easy to understand format. I will be coming back to this page often till I get it :) Hi Dave, glad you found the information helpful, it can be a lot to take in to start with but keep with it!

Thanks Will, you are great. What can I say, I totally agree with your comment 100%! Good to nih grant letter, hear you’re finding the baseball essay in steroid site helpful in your paintings, Have you got any tips for choosing a good palette knife for shaping paper mixing colours? I usually use a number 45 palette knife from essay in steroid, RGM, you can watch a video here on basic palette knife techniques , Really enjoyed this article – I’m learning a lot, but I do have a few questions… Having read about the nih grant cover address difference between value, tinting, saturation / intensity etc. I’m a little confused. Surely ‘saturation / intensity’ is the same thing as ‘value’? The way I see it you’re simply talking about the brightness or darkness of the colour….am I missing something here? Also with regards to ‘tinting’ am I right in essay, thinking that tinting strength relates to its value, i.e. the darker the colour the good statement higher the tinting strength? However I have also read in other books that a ‘tint’ is lighter than the hue and is made by adding white, so I’m a bit confused here?

Add to this the concepts of ‘shade’ and ‘tone’ and I wonder if these terms sometimes have different meanings in different contexts? For instance I’ve also read that a tone is made lighter by adding its complementary colour, but this seems to be the opposite in steroid, of what I have read in this article. Any help would be much appreciated! Colour mixing can be tricky at grad essays, times and different artists use different expressions and approaches to colour mixing. To answer your questions: 1. I’m a little confused. Surely ‘saturation / intensity’ is the same thing as ‘value’? The way I see it you’re simply talking about the baseball brightness or darkness of the examples statement colour….am I missing something here? Saturation / intensity’ is not the same thing as ‘value’.

You can have a bright red that has a high saturation of colour, but if you took a black and white picture of it it would have a mid-tone value. Its not a simple case of brightness or darkness, more looking at the intensity of pigment and then where the essay in steroid colour falls on the value scale, ie: lightness or darkness. 2.Also with regards to ‘tinting’ am I right in thinking that tinting strength relates to nih grant address, its value, i.e. the baseball darker the colour the higher the tinting strength? However I have also read in examples, other books that a ‘tint’ is lighter than the hue and is made by essay in steroid adding white, so I’m a bit confused here? You’re right, ‘a tint’ is a colour that has had white added to it so as result is lighter in value than the colours hue. (Its original colour) ‘Tinting strength’ describes how little or how much of a pigment is and abortion, needed to change the colour, for example, generally the darker the colour the higher the tinting strength but there are exceptions to the rule. A good example is Phthalo blue as indicated in baseball in steroid, the table in the article. 3.For instance I’ve also read that a tone is made lighter by essay adding its complementary colour, but this seems to baseball essay in steroid, be the opposite of what I have read in this article.

A colours intensity is reduced when adding a complementary colour, you wouldn’t normally use it to lighten the tone. It can be confusing as there are works such as shade and essays tone that mean different things in drawing and baseball essay in steroid painting. Hope this has helped to clarify some points, This helps a lot, thanks for the reply. Let’s see if I understand this……out of two different reds, say ‘alizarin crimson’ and ‘cadmium red’, my guess would be that ‘cadmium’ red would have the greatest colour saturation because it appears to have more ‘red’ pigment….is that correct?

P.S I’m currently working on an ‘Essential guide to colourmixing course’ keep an essays, eye on the blog for updates. I am very happy to have joined you. I’ve read a bit about colour mixing but found differing opinions from essay, different sources, so gave up for a while…too hard. I happened on your website by accident and on problem decided to essay, try again since it looked a lot more friendly. From what I’ve understood so far…and you seem to subscribe to this…is that two primary colours make a secondary colour – red and yellow make orange 1+1=2? You mentioned tertiary colours…so does it work like math, i.e. a primary colour and another primary colour generate a secondary colour, therefore a primary colour and nursing essays a secondary colour generate a tertiary colour? (1+2=3)? If, for baseball example, primary red and secondary purple mixed together make a tertiary colour….what is the name of that colour? ( and politics essay the others?) I bought a tube of each colour on your colour wheel…as close to the colours as possible, and, in my search for tertiary colours on in steroid, the basis of 1+2=3, much to my disgust, I mixed some really awful colours! Where did I go wrong ? ..(set aside impatience, curiosity and excitement about on problem making paintings.) This is such a buzz! R.

Great to have you onboard, to answer your questions about the perils of colour mixing! Two primary colours make a secondary colour – red and yellow make orange 1+1=2? Correct, two primary colours make a secondary colour. A primary colour and a secondary colour generate a tertiary colour? (1+2=3)? Correct, a tertiary colour is a mix of a primary colour and a secondary colour. If, for essay example, primary red and secondary purple mixed together make a tertiary colour – what is the name of that colour? ( and the others?) In this example it would be: red-purple (red is the primary colour, purple is the nih grant address secondary colour made from red + blue) The colours would be named by using a hyphenated name that indicate the source of the colour, yello-green, yellow-orange, blue-purple etc. Usually due to the hidden colour bias of a pigment. Have a look at these videos to see how using the ‘wrong’ red or blue can make a vivid bright purple or a muted purple. Hope this helps, Yes!

My art teacher can be confusing but after watching the clip i understand! I even sent a link to my classmates to help with their homework!! Very helpful! ^-^ Good one Esther! Glad you’ve found it useful. Great blog! The way you explained things made it a lot easier to baseball, understand. In my art class, the of rising assignment was to do a painting, and now I am stuck! How do I mix colors to make skin color? Which colors do I mix?

If you have a look at baseball in steroid, How to choose a basic palette for portraits i there is a video lesson at the bittom of the article showing you how to mix and match your own skin colour. Thanks for this article. I’m a 22 yr old boy from Durban(KZN, South Africa) and draw portraits but i can only draw in conservatism, pencil and I have mastered my medium after drawing for years now since I was 8 and essay without any art lessons but now I feel that I also want to do coloured paintings but i’ve been finding it hard to mix colours, but from reading this article i now have the basics of mixing colours. So as i’ve learned over politics essay the years of drawing in pencil, practice makes perfect so with this start on paintings I’ll have to apply the essay in steroid same principle. Thank you so much and God bless. You’re welcome Kevin, mixing colours is a step-by-step approach, but with your drawing skills you’ll be able to pick up painting very quickly. Hi Will, Thank you so much about the research paper colour wheel, whenever I see one my eyes just glaze over it and nothing else, I also quite often end up with a lot of essay in steroid muddy colours on my pallet and waste so much paint. After reading what you wrote about the colour wheel, I gave it a go and I am converted. Essays? Thank you for baseball essay in steroid your free tips, by the way, you have another talent other than being artistic, you possess and nursing school display an exceptional talent in conveying ideas and concepts effectively. Hi Suzie, thanks very much for your kind comments.

Really pleased you gave it a go with the colour wheel. Just taking the colour mixing a step at a time can really make a big difference in your success rate! Hello Will, you have written a really wonderful and baseball essay in steroid approachable article on color mixing, that being said, if you are able to receive my comment I would like to ask you how you go about mixing a purple out of napthol crimson and ultramarine blue? I most often arrive at a result which is more similar to a dark maroon mud than anything which actually resembles brilliant purple. If you were able to answer this question I can imagine myself as well as other internet users may find it helpful. Thank you for your time, Hi Zach, pleased you’ve found the conservatism essays article helpful. You might be interested in these two videos: Just a question I’ve been curious about during the time reading your articles. It has to do with toning down.

I understand that the complementary color is baseball essay in steroid, used to tone down, but if I were to use a pure black (such as the Mars) in very small amounts, would this achieve the same result? (Toning down). Also is toning down the letter same thing as desaturation? Nice to hear from you, yes, you would achieve a similar result on certain colours. If you added black to red it will mute it down nicely, as with blue. Baseball? However, if you add it to yellow you’ll produce a green due to the underlying blue bias of the school essays black.

Hope this helps, Hi Will, my wife has just started to paint a German shepherd dog for a friend, but she can’t seem to get the baseball essay colours right for the light coloured fur. Could you please tell me the exact colours she needs to make the fur? It looks a sandy colour to me. thank you. When painting there isn’t usually an exact formula for a particular subject. Different light conditions and surroundings of a subject will effect how we perceive the actual colour. A grey circle will appear differently on a white background, black background or coloured background. This is called colour constancy and on problem prices is why in painting each colour needs to be judged individually. She might me interested in my simple colour mixing course which goes through the entire process of mixing and matching colours. Have found your website amazing thank you.

I am painting a horse portrait in essay in steroid, oils. It’s a ginger/warm brown colour. Have made the under painting in raw umber and oms as per your lessons. On Problem Of Rising Prices? I’m not sure whether to complete a full black to white value under painting using the measured mediums because I think the paint might be too thick by the time I get to baseball, use colour. I am intending to buy the essays portrait lessons but in the meantime want to essay, get this done as it’s for a friend. Please could you advise as I’ve made three attempts already n can’t keep buying more canvases! Also too impatient to wait for grad school the lessons! Nice to hear from baseball essay, you, and so pleased you’ve been finding the website helpful in your painting. Regarding the nursing grad school layers on in steroid, your painting i t depends how you are going to add the colour to conservatism, the painting, either by glazes or by painting thicker, more impasto paste. If more impasto, then once you’ve had some practice turning forms and building tones with the black and white portrait you can start to build up the first layers using more tonal colours for the portrait. For glazing, you’ll be able to baseball essay, apply colour ontop of the completed grisaille.

Hope this helps, enjoy the portrait course. I am an artist and part time Art teacher and stumbled on your site today. Great. Learned a few things and of a thesis I went to art school. Great site. Hi Michael, thanks for baseball essay dropping by, so pleased you’re finding the site of interest, thanks for essay prices your kind comments, Your articles and videos show that you have pedagogy which is baseball essay in steroid, rare. Nih Grant? (particularly among teachers) You bring in concrete ideas, simple presentation, packed with an abundance of the real meat of painting. All one need do is baseball essay, become playful and diligent for the abstractions so hard to grasp to come to one seemingly out of the blue.

Play to the muse and she will reward you, so to speak. Thank you very much and I just bought a box-load of social shaping paint and brushes. With the valor of St. In Steroid? George I will now destroy some blank white dragons. Thanks for your kind words, may the valor of St. Of Rising Prices? George be with you with your creative endeavours with paint! Your tips on colors and baseball essay the blends that we can use to create those colors on our palette helped me a lot. I have even bought Magic Palette Color Matching from Jerry’s Artarama, it simplifies my color search and gives me ideas to get perfect color. Good one Jacob, pleased you found it helpful. Hello!

I really don’t have anything to do with colours but my son is having “visual arts” at school and politics essay I’ve heard that the teacher finds very important the knowledge of baseball essay colours. Your site like me very nice and easy to politics and abortion essay, understand -I can also find also difficult things that I don’t understand of in steroid course!- . Thank you very much! You’re welcome Ivette, pleased you’re finding the lessons helpful. I left brush and nih grant letter address paint in 1999. Since then no colors no canvas no paint …. Baseball Essay? Nothing. Last month I went back my mum’s house and found a canvas in the store room. Pulled it out and realised i was blank. Forgot about brushes, charcoal, colors, primer, medium, canvas everything related to painting. Googled! your website popped up and went through it page by on problem of rising prices page.

Saw every picture, followed videos and in steroid subscribed your youtubr channel. Result – Now i have confidence and i strongly feel that i can start painting. Maybe this week i’ll buy colors and brushes. Acrylic to conservatism essays, start with! Will, Kindly suggest what else do i need n how to baseball, proceed and Believe me i’ll paint the Base first as suggested by you. Hi Yuvraj, sounds like you’re all ready to go! The next step is just starting with the nih grant paint onto canvas. Why when I’m painting does the paint seem to dry while I’m working with it on baseball essay in steroid, the canvas? What can I do to make it more fluid? Hi Robert, you can either add water or a fluid medium to increase the conservatism flow of the paint. Thanks for a great site full of very useful advice, which I’ve recommended to a seniors painting group I attend.

I’ve followed your pieces on baseball essay, color with great interest, but a project I’m attempting now has me stumped. It’s a landscape of stooked hay in grad, a field, but I just can’t get the color of the hay. I’ve tried Cad Yellow+Cad Red+Ultra Blue+White and essay some like Burnt Umber+Cad or Azo Mid Yellow+White. Good Examples Statement? I have a limited range of paint: Cad Yellow, Azo Mid Yellow, Cad Red, Magenta, Ultra Blue, Phthalo Blue, Burnt Umber, Paynes Grey, a Light Skin Tone and in steroid plenty of prices White. Essay? The mixtures I’ve tried all look too brown or pink, just can’t seem to get that golden color of examples of a thesis statement newly harvested hay. Can you please suggest a combination I could try? Many thanks again for some very helpful articles. Hi Andrew, thanks for passing on in steroid, the site to essay, your art group, much appreciated. A raw sienna is often a good colour base for a warm hay colour, you can add a touch of cad yellow to it to brighten if need be, but it will have a nice tone on baseball essay, its own or with a touch of white added. Hope this helps, Thanks, Will.

I’ll invest in a tube of raw sienna and give that a go. Hey. I am a student working in an art program. we are doing a 9 week long project and social shaping research i decided to do painting as the main form of baseball in steroid art. Nursing Grad School Essays? what i will be painting is landscapes and the picture i decided on baseball, has hay in it. i originally found this site by social research paper searching about how to get the hay color. In Steroid? I found that Andrew also had the same problem as me but i do not have all the different colors, such as sienna. Do you know what i can do with the normal primary colors to make the hay color?? Hi Isaiah, just start with a muted yellow tone such as yellow ochre, mute down with a burnt umber and then add white. Hope this helps,

Ok I will get to that eventually and I will post later when i get to the hay part. Thanks a bunch! Thanks once again for your colour mixing videos. I was in awwe of how many greens you can produce without using… errr… green! Just quick tips on creating my own colour wheel like the one that you used in your video for bardic colour matching.

Pleased you found the lessons helpful in mixing greens Salma, Hello, great tutorials! Two questions, when mixing colours half way the colour wheel, theoretically don’t you need 50% of one colour and 50% of the other one? ie. to make orange why wouldn’t one use 50% red and 50% yellow but rather 95%-5% ? Secondly when changing the value or saturation of any particular hue, aren’t you actually changing one colour (hue) into another hue? Hi Alec, theoretically, yes, but in nih grant address, practice different pigments have a huge variety in ‘tinting strength’ so you would only need a small amount of essay in steroid blue to tone down a large amount of orange. It terms of changing the hue’s saturation or value you’re trying to change an politics, orange into a dull orange, without it starting to drift too much into another colour hue, so you want to try and keep it so it appears that you’ve just dulled it. Hiya Will, I love what you’ve done on your page, it’s been very helpful to baseball, me! I have a slight problem though and was wondering if you could help me with it please??

I am a huge game of thrones fan and have bought three little metal dragons, representing the Wueen Danearys Dragons, Drogon, Viserion, Rhaegal. What I am wanting to do is paint them in their correct colours which are as follows……… ‘Drogon” is reddish/ black with red scale wings ,……..” Viserion” is cream and gold in colour with reddish/ orange wings, “Rhaegal” is……greenish/ bronze in colour , with yellowy orange wings.! It would be much appreciated if you could help me get the right colour-tones please??… cheers for shaping paper now Marcus. Hi Marcus, if you had a black, a cadmium yellow (or yellow ochre) and a cadmium red of alizarin crimson and white you would be able to mix the baseball essay tones needed. They are quite dull in saturation but have a warmth to the colour underneath, so for Drogon, for example, paint the entire figure in a dark warm red and then mix the red with a small amount of black and then layer up the colours. Here is a video demonstration layering up colours on another dragon figure you might find of nursing interest. I’m trying to get the right hue to paint landscapes with red sandstone rocks( Grand Canyon).

I was trying to mix the right color using red cad, but wasn’t successful. Can I use other primary color to get the right shades? Or I rather should keep red cad. You can get pretty close with the cad red, add a touch of cad yellow and white, then a tiny amount of baseball ultramarine blue to cool the tone. Letter? If you still find this too strong use an alizarin crimson as there are often cool purple/red tones in the shadows. Hope this helps, oh my God thanks for your kindness and essay your merciful to this done and happy to follow this simple 20years boy from Ghana love to draw and paint,but seems i still have much problem in essays, my color mixing.but i found i huge to perform but as today all my gratitude to the one who posted this great post.may God bless you.and do more for the seekers. Thanks Seth, pleased you found it helpful.

I want to say thanks! This entry blog has been very helpful to baseball in steroid, me! I have two questions though. Now that I know about prices color bias, how do you identify it’s bias? Sometimes I get a dull orange by mixing red with yellow. In Steroid? So I know that I’m either: (a) mixing the social wrong red with the essay wrong yellow (b) the right red and the wrong yellow, or (c) the nih grant cover right yellow and baseball the wrong red. If I mix like (b) and and abortion essay (c), is it not totally wrong because I get a not so dull color? I find that sometimes I have to search a color’s bias on baseball, internet because I don’t know exactly where it leans to. Hi Hodan, if you keep your palette simple and say if you have a warm yellow (cadmium) and a cool yellow (hansa yellow) and then just label them on of rising, your palette warm and essay cool you’ll soon get used to choosing which yellow would be best for the colour you’re trying to mix. Hope this helps,

Thanks for social shaping research the instruction. Your information is easy to understand. I am mostly self taught, and first started painting without using black, as I had heard that was the way to go. Baseball Essay In Steroid? A sort of bumbling around, trying to get the colours right. Hence a painting took an awful long time to examples, complete to my satisfaction. Hi Jen, pleased you found it helpful, one of the best ways to learn is to baseball essay, follow a tutorial and then learn the basic skills from that. You can then adapt and alter subject matter to your own interests and politics and abortion inspiration. which colours do I mix to get tobacco colour? Start with a burnt umber and add a little yellow ochre and white. I’m incredibly new to baseball essay in steroid, your website (less than an hour) and on problem of rising prices I found this article most interesting on a personal level.

I am currently in between jobs as hair colour technician and looking to reestablish an old passion to baseball essay in steroid, occupy my mind and maintain dexterity. Throughout my school days drawing and painting was always my favourite, and like the essays discipline of baseball in steroid colouring hair it’s esoteric. As an educator in my field, I teach a range of levels from apprentices to and abortion essay, qualified staff, and I’m always shocked at lack of basic colour theory people have been given previously. Baseball Essay In Steroid? I was first introduced to the colour wheel when I was in of a statement, year 3 at primary school and have been fascinated ever since. It is one of the most important foundation tools across a number of essay in steroid creative industries.

Further from that the more delicate principles of colour and how our eyes perceive it work exactly the same when creating a composition for nih grant letter address a clients hair: Darker and ashen colours to flatten and condense a shape. Lighter and warmer colours to open it. A common misnomer I deal with is clients with round faces asking for lighter colour around the front to soften their face when, in fact, it will only serve to make their face look larger. I’m looking forward to reading more on your website, and hope to start practically too, just thought I’d share. Hi Tommy, great to hear from you and essay in steroid so pleased the article struck a chord, hope you find the good examples lessons helpful in renewing your passion for baseball essay painting. do you have a tip as to cover letter, how we can darken a finished acrylic painting. we just want an overall darker look to the whole painting. it’s a distressed union jack, it is a little darker than the baseball essay in steroid actual Union Jack but we need it darker. Hi Lisette, you can apply a thin glaze of conservatism essays a darker transparent colour over the whole of the essay painting that will darken it all down. ah yes of course that makes sense thank you. Conservatism Essays? :)

I used this article to understand colour better in baseball essay in steroid, my photography. Very clear and fundamental. Thank you! Pleased you found it helpful Wieland. Thank you so much for your tutorials, I have learned so much! I am wondering, how do you identify the colour bias? I can’t seem to find any websites which has lists identifying the essays colour bias. Do you recommend any books?

Like that lists the baseball essay pigments of paints and shaping what colour they are leaned towards? Or can it be identified by baseball someway? I’m a beginner :) Hi Jess, the best way is to add white to good statement, the paint to in steroid, see which way the social shaping research colour shifts. If you have a look at this watercolour leaflet there is baseball essay in steroid, a section on conservatism, page 10 that lists warm and baseball essay in steroid cool colours in cover, the Winsor #038; Newton range. thank you so much for the quick response! I will take a look. Thank you so much for making so much of your information free. I’m a high schooler and essay in steroid I can’t afford expensive art books and such, so I really appreciate it. Looking forward to your future articles!

Good one Jess, pleased you’ve been finding the site helpful. This really helps a lot for on problem of rising prices my painting project. Essay In Steroid? Thanks. Leave a Comment. I'm Will Kemp, I'm an award-winning professional artist and teacher.

I've studied in Italy, run my own art gallery, taught in museums schools and I'm going to share my professional art secrets with you. Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes.

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Women in Athens #038; Sparta Essay Sample. Historians have spent a long time attempting to establish what exactly life was like for women in ancient Greece. Essay! Like all studies of nursing ancient Greece, they focus primarily on the two most powerful city-states in essay the Hellenic world, Athens and Sparta. Since the majority of the primary documents deal with these two cities, historians are only able to decipher a fragmentary view of what life was actually like for the entirety of society, let alone what life was like for women specifically. Nevertheless, researchers have dug through the chronicles of essay primary sources available in baseball essay order to good examples thesis, provide the most accurate depiction of baseball essay Greek women possible. Researchers generally start by analyzing both Sparta and Athens separately in order to uncover how they viewed the role of women in their own society.

Then, by comparing how these two societies treated women, a more complete image of examples thesis statement their experience in ancient Athens and in steroid, Sparta becomes evident. Modern historians have thus arrived at the general conclusion that Athens was a place where women were second-class citizens, barred from political practices and shaping paper, social events while being confined to the home for much of baseball essay their time. Sparta on the other hand, was a place where women exercised a good amount of freedom when compared to their Athenian counterparts. All the same, women in both Sparta and politics and abortion, Athens fulfilled very similar roles, albeit in differing ways. Essay! As mentioned previously the good examples thesis statement, sources available to researchers on ancient Greek women are relatively scarce. They are not completely unavailable however, and have been provided to baseball essay, researchers by essays ancient authors such as Aristotle, Plutarch, Xenophon, and Thucydides, just to name a few.

Unfortunately, all of essay these sources do come with their own set of biases. Authors only write to serve a purpose or convey some message, thus their writings -intentionally or unintentionally- are tilted to prices, fulfill their own goals, making it the job of the researcher to recognize this bias and attempt to mitigate any prejudices that become apparent. The majority of what historians know about women from Sparta comes from Plutarch’s Life of Lycurgus, the essay in steroid, semi-mythical lawgiver of Sparta. After reviewing the text, it becomes apparent that the primary role of women in Sparta was to create strong Spartan men. Hence why Lycurgus is said to have “exercised the bodies of young women” so the “children they were bearing should have a strong beginning in strong bodies and they should grow better”. Since Spartans relied on a powerful military in order to keep their servants, the helots, at bay from conservatism essays, revolting, the main role of women was to create the next generation’s army in order to ensure the continuation of Spartan society. Men and women were even encouraged to forgo “jealousy” and made it “honorable for men to give the use of baseball essay in steroid their wives to those whom they should think fit, that so they might have children by them”. This oddity is letter, attributed to the fact education was mandatory for all Spartan children.

Consequently, it can be inferred that children were seen more as the property of the state rather than of their biological parents. Nevertheless, it illustrates the importance of reproduction to Spartan society. Xenophon develops this point when he states that Lycurgus “took from the men the liberty of marrying when each of them pleased”, saying “they should contract marriages only when they were in full bodily vigor, deeming this … conducive to baseball in steroid, producing excellent offspring”. This shows that reproduction was not only encouraged, but also that who procreated and good thesis statement, when they did so was important so they could create healthy robust children. Although the women were veritable factories for the Spartan war machine, they were not simply empty vessels waiting to be filled. They actually experienced a good amount of freedom when compared to their Athenian counterparts. Women’s education in Sparta, like their male counterpart’s, was controlled by the state, a benefit unheard of throughout the rest of baseball ancient Greece.

In addition, CSUN Spartan women did not marry when they were “of tender years, but [when] in their full bloom and conservatism, ripeness”, allowing many of them to pursue their education for the same length of time as modern students. They most likely learned cultural norms through differing types of performance art, specifically choruses sung at festivals or during early plays, along with reading, arithmetic and writing. The purpose of these performances by in steroid young maidens was twofold: first to entice young men to marry, along with instilling both men and women with the idea of what a good Spartan should be. In addition to politics essay, having a great deal of freedom in education, Spartan women were also able to own land. In his work Politics, Aristotle points out that “about two fifths of the baseball essay, whole land are in nih grant cover letter address the possession of women”. Women would generally obtain these properties through large dowries given in marriage, or through inheritance as is baseball essay, evident when Aristotle laments the practice of examples of a thesis giving large dowries saying “it would be better if there were no dowries, or if they were small or at baseball essay in steroid, any rate moderate”. Women’s ability to become the sole proprietors of land was something relatively unheard of in the Hellenic world, hence Aristotle’s confusion and desire to reduce the amount of land held by them.

Athenian women’s role was identical to that of Spartan women in essays respect to baseball essay, their importance in reproduction. Thucydides states that Pericles encouraged procreation and saw a “double benefit” in the birth of a newborn son, not only did the birth “help you [Athenian mothers who lost sons in the Peloponnesian War] forget those who are no more” but also deliver Athens “from a shortage of men”. Although adultery was taboo in Athens, wife swapping did occur in cases of infertile marriages, as is evident in On the Estate of Menecles written by Isaeus. Isaeus states that Menecles, who was unhappy with his childless marriage desired him to “give her [Menecles’ wife] in paper marriage to another man”. For both societies, wife swapping in the case of infertility was encouraged since reproduction meant the procreation of baseball children, which in cover address turn allowed for the continuation of Grecian society. Essay! In contrast to Spartan women, who were publically educated and exercised outdoors, Athenian women were confined entirely to the home.

However, like Spartan women Athenian women were in charge of nih grant letter domestic affairs. According to Xenophon, a desirable wife should take “great care that she should see, hear and baseball essay in steroid, talk as little as possible”. Xenophon goes on to say “houses are needed for the nurture of good of a statement new-born children”, then begins to list other responsibilities involving the wide variety of domestic tasks that needed to be completed. These tasks included accounting matters, the production of clothing, along with ensuring a fully stocked pantry. Thus, the women in Athenian society were completely in charge of domestic affairs, a parallel with their Spartan counterpart, but on the other hand they were expected to stay out baseball essay of the way in order to be considered a good wife, where as Spartan women took a more active role in the public sphere. Another contrast between Athenian and Spartan societies is on problem, actually caused by the fact that in both women were expected to rear children and handle domestic affairs. Athenian women married much younger than their Spartan counterparts did, for instance Socrates wife was less then fifteen years of age. This ensured that Athenian women were kept indoors from birth, to marriage, to death. Whereas mentioned previously, Spartan women were enrolled in public education from an early age; Athenian women were not, so something needed to be done in essay in steroid order to keep them busy. Nih Grant! Aristotle laments these liberties given to the women of Sparta saying they “live licentiously with regard to every kind of license and luxuriously”. Baseball Essay In Steroid! The most strongly held parallel between Athenian and Spartan women had to shaping paper, lie in ensuring the continuation of essay society through reproduction, and it can be inferred that this was the main role of women in Hellenic society.

However, this role would affect Athenian and Spartan women in unique ways, and would cause their socialization into society to differ. This can most likely be attributed to the Spartan’s militaristic society. Gorgo the wife of king Leonidis gave the reason for women’s dominance in Sparta best when replying to a foreign woman’s statement that, “the women of Lacedaemon were the only women in the world who could rule men”. “With good reason,” Gorgo replied, “for we are the only women who bring forth men”. Athenian women on the other hand were said by Aristotle to lack the qualities of authority present in adult men, and thus were locked away in the house where they could do the work that was “natural” to them, while interfering as little as possible. Good Statement! Sara Pomeroy in her book Goddesses, Wives, Whores and Slaves talks about baseball in steroid, how the Greeks treated reproduction in terms of agriculture, the man possessed the visible “seed” and would “plant” it in and abortion a women’s “field” in order to procure offspring. From this idea, an in steroid analogy can be created that accurately describes the differences between Spartan and and abortion essay, Athenian women. If women were the field, in Athens the baseball essay in steroid, goal was to guard your field while paying enough attention to it so it could produce an adequate amount of produce, or in this case offspring. In Sparta the idea was more progressive, by nih grant address preparing their “fields” for planting through fertilization, or in this case exercise and education.

Spartans attempted to baseball essay in steroid, not only produce enough offspring, but also offspring that would be capable of surviving the harshest conditions. Aristotle, Politcs, II. 1270 A 23-9, in The Greek City States: A source book, translated by P.J Rhodes. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007) Isaeus, On the Estate of Menelaus, 6-9, in The Greek City States: A source book, translated by P.J Rhodes. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007) Plutarch, Life of Lycurgas, 14. ii-iv, in The Greek City States: A source book, translated by P.J Rhodes. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007) Plutarch, Life of Lycurgas, in The Internet Classics Archive, translated by John Dryden., retrieved on Dec. 02, 2009. Thucydides, Pericles on Athenian Wives, II. Good Examples Statement! 44. i-iii,45. ii, in The Greek City States: A source book, translated by P.J Rhodes. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007) Xenophon, Oeconomicus, vii. Essay! 3-6,8,20-5,35-6, in shaping research The Greek City States: A source book, translated by P.J Rhodes. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007)

Xenophon, Xenophon on The Spartans, in The Internet Classics Archive. Baseball! translated by John Paul Adams hcfll004/sparta-a.html, retrieved on Dec. 02, 2009. Pomeroy, Sarah. Goddesses, Wives, Whores and nursing essays, Slaves: Women in Classic Antiquity. New York: Schocken Books, 1995. [ 1 ]. Plutarch, Life of Lycurgas, 14. ii-iv, in The Greek City States: A source book, translated by P.J Rhodes. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007), p.165 [ 2 ]. Plutarch, Life of Lycurgas, in essay The Internet Classics Archive, translated by John Dryden. , retrieved on Dec. 02, 2009. [ 3 ]. Xenophon, Xenophon on The Spartans, in The Internet Classics Archive. translated by John Paul Adams. , retrieved on Dec. 02, 2009. [ 4 ]. Plutarch, Life of school Lycurgas, in baseball essay The Internet Classics Archive, translated by.

John Dryden. , retrieved on Dec. 02, 2009. [ 5 ]. Plutarch, Life of Lycurgas, in The Internet Classics Archive, translated by school John Dryden. Essay! , retrieved on Dec. 02, 2009. [ 6 ]. Aristotle, Politcs, II. 1270 A 23-9, in The Greek City States: A source book, translated by P.J Rhodes. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007) 173. [ 7 ]. Ibid, 173. [ 8 ]. Thucydides, Pericles on Athenian Wives, II. 44. i-iii,45. ii, in The Greek City States: A source book, translated by P.J Rhodes. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007), 167. [ 9 ]. Isaeus, On the Estate of Menelaus, 6-9, in The Greek City States: A source book, translated by P.J Rhodes. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007) [ 10 ]. Xenophon, Oeconomicus, vii. 3-6,8,20-5,35-6, in essay prices The Greek City States: A source book, translated by P.J Rhodes. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007), 170. [ 11 ]. Ibid, 169. [ 12 ]. Xenophon, Oeconomicus, vii. 3-6,8,20-5,35-6, in The Greek City States: A source book, translated by baseball P.J Rhodes. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007), 168. [ 13 ]. Pomeroy, Sarah.

Goddesses, Wives, Whores and Slaves: Women in Classic Antiquity. New York: Schocken Books, 1995. School Essays! 5. Is this the essay in steroid, perfect essay for you? Save time and order Women in Athens #038; Sparta.

essay editing for conservatism essays, only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Women in baseball essay Athens #038; Sparta. Throughout Greek history, there have been many interesting city-states. Two very important poleis are Athens and conservatism essays, Sparta. After studying these poleis it is clear that Athens is the better polis… The Roles of Men and Women in Ancient Greek Society. In most of the ancient Greek world, gender roles were fairly static throughout time and outside circumstances had little or no influence on gender construction. Men functioned within the public…

Explain the economic and military role of the Perioeci and Helots. Many people forget or undermine the importance of the perioeci and the helots in their study of Sparta, dismissing both groups as only slaves or inferiors that later overthrew the… Monolithic and Pluralistic Societies. There are two types of societies; Monolithic and Pluralistic. There are many differences between these two types of societies. A good example of a monolithic society is Sparta and a… The difference between Classical Athens and Han China. AP World History, 3rd period 19/September/2013 Classical Athens and Han China: How Great Were the Differences? As the baseball essay, young Rudyard Kipling once wrote, “Oh East is East, And West is… Different portrayals of women in “Antigone” and nih grant, “Lysistrata”

The different portrayals of female characters Antigone and baseball, Lysistrata illustrate the fundamental nature of the nih grant, proper Athenian woman. Sophocles’ Antigone allows the reader to see that outrage over social injustices…

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Andy Bassich Biography, Net Worth, Age from Life Below Zero. Baseball Essay In Steroid? Appeared in school Life Below Zero, Andy Bassich revealed his net worth along with biography, real age, wife, family, early life and more. Essay In Steroid? Seen in a completely different reality show of National geographic Channel and Andy Bassich is a star from there. He goes through from of a thesis a tough life battle every day. His life is full of baseball essay, adventures and this is the subject of the conservatism, show.

He is renowned musher by profession. Baseball Essay In Steroid? Andy with his wife Kate runs a survival school and also a dog mushing school in social shaping paper Alaska. The name of essay, their school is Alaska-Yukon Adventures. Andy Bassich, the brave woodsman, whose net worth is $ 250 thousand, is a well-educated person. He has attended the John F. Kennedy high school and he became a carpenter and cabinet maker. He has completed his graduation course on 1976 and started traveling.

He was so long in on problem of rising Alaska and moved there on 1980. He worked as a riverboat captain there for twenty years. After spending so much time there he moved to Washington D.C but after a few times, he realized that the city life is baseball essay in steroid not for him. So he returned back to Alaska and this time with his spouse Kate. Kate left the show recently and left their institute too. Andy is now alone in shaping his dream life and spending his precious times with his sled dogs team. You might be interested to see other star who appeared in this show Sue Aikens.

In Alaska, Andy lives the wildest life and he found his food by baseball essay in steroid, hunting and harvesting. Andy has chosen the essay of rising, life not just to make money but it is his passion. To survive in a Life Below Zero Andy gone through by the hardest works. Andy and his wife Kate have launched their own website and they offer the Life Below Zero Bush Lifestyle Camp from there. Andy recently disclosed his reason to leave Washington; he was in a search for more peace and serenity.

He was in Virginia then for his work but the different and exciting life of Alaska always attracted him and he moved there. At her young age, he got the support of her grandmother to choose a brave life. There is baseball essay in steroid no proper electricity in research his house of Alaska but there is a solar power in his home. 13 thoughts on “ Andy Bassich Biography, Net Worth, Age from Life Below Zero ” We have a huge amount of baseball, respect of Andy. To commit and stick to grad school living this sort of life, on your own now, when time is rolling along and taking youth with it, lends itself to a spirit one can only admire. His devotion to and care for baseball, his dogs is heart-warming and true.

We (myself and my partner) are delighted to have Andy (back) on the show, however much we miss beautiful Kate and wish her well and every success in her own ventures#8230;life chucks in spanners and shaping paper, expects the wheels to keep turning. In Steroid? People like Andy make that happen. We are seeing a different side to Andy now full of pure love for life, its challenges and appreciation of its beauty. it is an honour to on problem be able to share this with him through his eyes. Andy,I like watching your part of the show,because you are such an engineer at everything you do,good job!you have the smarts and in steroid, tools to do it right,thanks. Love the show so much, that I can#8217;t get enough ! Andy is good examples of a extremely talented man! Kate and Andy always give me a warm feeling and baseball essay in steroid, I get transformed into their life stile I used to dream living somewhere South, now I#8217;m dreaming about of rising, Alaska. To bad Kate is gone. Advice for producers : Do not cut anything from the show (swearing, ways of hunting) , those people are who they are- real people , real life. If Andy reads this, and baseball essay, I hope he does, I too appreciate your multiple talents and examples thesis statement, heartfelt zest for the life you live. Perhaps time took a toll on Kate, I do not know.

But I will say that the baseball in steroid, other two women featured on Life Below Zero who partnered with their men are made from different #8216;stuff#8217; than Kate. I think you chose pretty and cute for a partner. Something can be learned from that. Cover Address? The women featured (Martha May and Agnes) are married and working side by side, hand in hand with their men, are pretty too. But, they are of a nature to anticipate and jump right in or make a stand for themselves, taking a front seat when needed. We are not always attracted to essay in steroid that which compliments and strengthens our nature. Perhaps it is time now to learn how to take advantage of someone else#8217;s talents to soften the load.

God bless you. Andy commending you on your professionalism dedication to yourself as well as your huskies! My daughter I are just awe struck how industrialist and intelligent you are. Kate was right about one thing; #8220;he works day night like an letter, ant, never stopping; from baseball essay sun up till sun down#8221;#8230;!! Your engineering or #8220;MacGyver #8221; skills is genius. Hey relationships sometimes don#8217;t work but you were the star backbone of the show . Hoping Kate finds her passion as well wishing her the best but that life was too hard for her. Good luck Kate. We love watching you because you are organized , neat clean and a thinker. Can#8217;t say that about the Hailstones. Unorganized, lack of of rising prices, hygiene just infuriates us.

She is not much of a good representation of her tribe for living generations in the same lifestyle. She could pick up a few skills, like organization and hygiene cleanliness around her workspace tips from baseball essay you for not being a native of the land. Okay Andy don#8217;t change for anyone. You deserve the fruit of the and abortion essay, land and our utmost respect!! Andy although a hard worker should really have treated kate a little better life much more with two..But as we all know two sides to every story, after all she is a woman and they can be difficult at baseball in steroid The show is great but sue is just over conservatism the top with some of her crap,but it is tv.If I were Glen I#8217;d find me a women,lol but maybe that#8217;s why he went there to not be bothered with Baseball In Steroid? Is Andy on this year#8217;s shows (2017)? I#8217;ve seen new episodes, but no Andy. Anyone know ? Most of the Alaskans from these great shows are poor shots. Sue, a couple of the Kilchers and the Hailstone family need range time badly. Someone needs to clue Jane Kilcher in on the effect of failing to hold a big game rifle tight enough against your shoulder to absorb recoil and prevent contact of the scope into the area of the eye.

Shooting an nursing school essays, animal from the rear (in some places referred to as a #8220;TexasHard Shot#8221;) is essay in steroid about as poor ethically as the crippling leg shots seemingly sensored from some setups. Hello from Texas, My son Thomas would love to come and learn from Andy and live his life style. Thomas is a hard worker and would enjoy helping him with his projects! He is nursing school 24 years old. Is there a way to baseball essay contact Andy personally?

Hi Andy, we are from Durban in South Africa. Essay Of Rising Prices? We are relocating to Bahrain in the middle east for a few years and then wanting to emigrate to Canada /Alaska. Would love to experience your lifestyle. how do you feed your dogs the fish you catch in the wheel ? do you grind the fish up into small chunks ? I thought fish were bad for dogs because of the bones in them and they mint get cought in the dogs throat. thanks jack. I love watching Sue! The show makes me think about being more self sufficient here in Missouri.

I wish I could go and visit all the people on the show and essay in steroid, tell them how cool they are and I hope the on problem, show continues for essay in steroid, many years.

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essay on syncretism Syncretic Reality: art, process, and potentiality. Syncretic Reality: formative factors. Roy Ascott 2005. This paper will argue that Syncretism, which has been seen historically as an attempt to essay in steroid reconcile and analogise disparate religious and cultural practices, may contribute today to our understanding of the conservatism multi-layered worldviews - material and metaphysical - that are emerging with our engagement in, amongst other things, ubiquitous computing and post-biological technology. The 'other things' are numerous and varied, and reach across conflicting ideologies, commercial and political strategies, ecological events, and cosmological conditions. The emphasis in this paper however is on digital and biological technology, and baseball essay especially in its relation to and effect upon, art practice. In short, it's about essay new media art and the syncretic reality that is both construed and constructed by that practice. Above all it is about breaking boundaries while maintaining cohesion, a most subtle attribute that is as necessary in the aesthetic as in the social sphere. Of the baseball essay in steroid myriad universes of discourse that constitute whole cultures and countries, only nih grant cover letter, those open to change and baseball in steroid adaptation are likely to survive the conservatism essays step change in evolution exerted by scientific development and technological innovation. If countries and in steroid communities are to avoid homogenization in this process, it will need to be a syncretic process that maintains the plurality of difference.

The syncretic process is not in any way to be confused with synthesis, in which disparate things meld into a homogenous whole, thereby loosing their individual distinction. Nor is it mere eclecticism, which usually signals a wavering course of thought of only school, probable worth. In the syncretic context, extreme differences are upheld but aligned such that likeness is found amongst unlike things, the power of each element enriching the power of all others within the array of their differences. Standing in emphatic distinction to binary opposition, syncretism is a process between different elements, the in-between condition of 'being both'. In trying to describe syncretism, it is useful to bring into play the both both/and and either/or formulation of Marilyn Ferguson. If the definition of the term is necessarily nuanced, its etymology is certainly confused.

According to Plutarch, syncretism refers to the ancient Cretan's decision to unite in essay in steroid, the face of a common enemy (e.g. sun-kretismos). Subsequently, it has been taken to derive from the Greek sun-kerannumi meaning mixing together. Its original meaning will be retained in this paper. In different historical epochs, the common enemy has been variously religious, military, and political. In present day cultural terms the enemy is habit – the passive, uncritical repetition or acceptance of behaviors, opinions, perceptions and values, and conservatism essays the enshrining as verities, metaphors that have passed their sell-by date.

Habit is the enemy of art, impeding the search for new ways of being. The syncretic process is essay, always an assault on habit, confounding the certainties and orthodoxies of good examples of a, unconsidered homogenizing convention. This has certainly been the case in media art: computer-mediated systems are inherently interactive and transformative, and as such they defy docile stability while bringing novelty to the dynamic equilibrium of living and cultural systems. After all, the first rule of cybernetics is to acquire 'requisite variety', and variety is the spice of syncretism. In the past, religious syncretism has suffered at baseball essay, the hands of orthodoxy, as indeed have the forces of intellectual inquiry and social research paper spiritual enlightenment. Baseball Essay In Steroid? One thinks of the Gnostics, Neo-Platonists and Hermeticists of the late renaissance, the eradication of the Cathars, the wholesale burning of witches, and the assault on Rosicrucianism.

All these bodies of knowledge and research paper belief have been essentially syncretic in their formation, always bringing together the baseball unfamiliar, proscribed, alien, non-linear structures of thought. The early 20th century saw the good of a thesis statement emergence of baseball, spiritual and psychic syncretism in Brazil in the Afro-Brazilian movement of Umbanda, and in on problem of rising, Vietnam, the in steroid Dao Cao Dai or Caodaism as it is good examples statement, known in the West. In Steroid? There is an good of a statement, argument that says that all religions are effectively syncretic in baseball in steroid, their absorption of external elements either consequent upon colonization, conversion or simple geographical proximity. Shamanic Ceremony , Seoul, Korea. Roy Ascott 2001. But this is to describe the process of synthesis or covert eclecticism rather than the of a thesis statement sustained heterogeneity that is celebrated in authentic syncretism.

In this respect there are claims that the syncretic impulse in Brazil is not limited to Umbanda but constitutes a direct challenge to Christianity, seeing its canonical religious orthodoxy as the enemy as has happened so frequently in the past. The last six decades have seen the baseball essay growth of a remarkable syncretic Neo-Christian religion with ayahuasca as the sacrament. Following humble beginnings in the state of politics and abortion essay, Acre in baseball essay, Brazilian Amazonia, these contemporary religious groups communing with Santo Daime or Ch Hoasca (as ayahuasca is essay of rising prices, known to them) have grown into major international religious movements with thousands of members. Far from being an aberration or anachronism, these churches, and the African Bwiti religion centered on the entheogenic sacrament eboka , rather represent the future of Christianity, stripped of its Doctrine of Transubstantiation by the Entheogenic Reformation, and with one or another genuine entheogen replacing the placebo sacrament. [i] However over-stated this claim may be, the use of in steroid, entheogens[ii] and their chemical correlates, in the search for altered states of consciousness and direct spiritual engagement, is likely to grow over conservatism, the coming decades. For those in the new media arts community, the switch in research of one of its leading contributors, Tom Ray, from artificial life (of which Tierra [iii]is his landmark contribution), to the mapping of the chemical organization of the human mind[iv] is highly significant in this respect. Since it is at the frontier of research in science, the great mysterium consciousness is likely also to be at baseball essay, the top of the agenda in art practice and theory over the coming decades. In a very limited but perhaps significant way, the international conference Consciousness Reframed: art and technology in the post-biological era [v] has sustained an annual contribution by artists and and abortion scholars of some 70 - 100 papers each year since 1997. It mirrors qualitatively although not quantitatively, the biennial Towards a Science of Consciousness conference[vi] at Tucson, Arizona.

As I argue below, the rituals and procedures of baseball essay, sacred ceremonies find their equivalent in Western codes and protocols of computer technology. In the old, traditional cultures, another technology predominates, providing its users with tools of consciousness and spiritual access, whose use lies beyond historical record. This is the nih grant technology of the psycho-integrator plant, a vegetal technology. In this regard also, the baseball state of consciousness described as delirium in other contexts, for example as proposed by the French symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud, is a feature of conservatism, Islam in its least orthodox form, namely in the language of the Sufi. Indeed, Sufism is in itself highly syncretic, a spiritual practice which is essentially in-between the baseball essay tangible and abstract, the known and unknown, the visible and invisible, keeping each distinct yet related in their difference. The Syrian poet Adonis elicits a significant link between the syncretism in art and in the spiritual domain in his study Sufism and Surrealism , in which he writes: [Surrealist writing] like Sufi writing, appears for the most part to be filled with strange things, contradictions, obscure references and disjointed images . . Nursing School? .the anarchic, the astonishing, the baffling and the obscure form the basis for Sufi (and Surrealist) writing. . Baseball? . .When the poet enters a world of transformations, he can leave it only by transformative writing: waves of illuminating images, which do not bear scrutiny by reasonable or logical means, and through which reality itself is transformed into a dream.[vii] It is in this heterogeneity of form and meaning, where synthesis is neither resolved nor sought, that syncretism finds its salience.

And it is politics and abortion essay, with an agenda of transformation such as this, that the future of new media art may be determined. While the significance of syncretic influences that bear on in steroid Sufism would be lost on those without Arabic scholarship, we can grasp the syncretic embrace of Surrealism by looking at those influences bearing on the Surrealist enterprise. They include Heraclitus, Abelard, Meister Eckhart, Rousseau, Swift, Sade and Lautramont. . as well as the Celts and the Hopi Indians, magical arts, secret rites, Gnostics, anarchists, spiritualists, mental illness and cults. While surrealism is not a tendency of any direct urgency in new media art, never the less, the hyperlinks and non-linear modality of the digital culture lend themselves to the irrational and unexpected semantic elisions and politics links of Surrealist practice. How Breton would have Googled! What is baseball essay in steroid, asserted here is that understanding contemporary reality as syncretic will lead to significant changes in the way we regard our identity, our relationship to others, and the phenomenology of time and nursing grad school essays space. Syncretism not only destabilises orthodoxies and changes language, it may also result in the release of the self from the constraints of baseball essay in steroid, overweening rationality and totalising dogma. Essays? In religious or spiritual contexts, syncretism means combining rituals, psychic instruments, the baseball essay assimilation of plants and good statement herbs, into new forms of sacred communion.

A parallel process of the bringing together of disparate technologies (interactive and digital, reactive and mechanical, psychoactive and chemical), and new rituals of communication (mobile, online), and baseball forms of community (the Net), is seen in our society, and indeed remains open to the incorporation of the older arcana. Our take on reality will depend in part on our cultural conditioning that may constitute a passive acceptance of and abortion, a normative description or a vigorous attempt at baseball essay in steroid, its re-construction or re-definition. Interactive, digital and post-biological art provide us with tools and media that facilitate such construction, not only in virtual space but also in our very attitude to the nature of presence and interaction in nih grant letter, and with the world. In Steroid? The asynchronic nature of telematic interaction is a good example of this. Within this syncretic reality, the of a thesis human mind and telematic systems are interacting to produce a new sense of self and planetary consciousness. This raises the question whether our drive to create wider and deeper and faster networks can be seen as an evolutionary impulse to engage more fully with the universal mind? This in turn questions the nature of mind, where it is located, how it is constituted, and in steroid whether for example it can be considered as an epiphenomenon of the brain, or part of a larger field of essay, consciousness. Similarly with matter, its nature and status is in doubt. Our culture is grounded in materialism, but in penetrating the material world beyond the nano level of observation we find there is essay, no matter. Quantum physics makes plain that matter is not composed of matter, but reality is merely potentiality[viii].The immaterial connectedness that defines quantum reality, is a quality we associate equally with the spiritual domain, and is the essence of social, telematic art.

From the convergence of silicon-dry computational systems and wet biological processes a moistmedia art is emerging. In Steroid? There may be an emergent faculty of cyberception that augments our awareness of the field of consciousness. Does the flow of electrons and photons across the planet's telematic networks parallel the biophotonic information network of the body? In addressing these questions, one may reveal the nature and source of of rising, a new reality that is being formed, the syncretic reality that is emerging from the baseball convergence of Mixed Reality technology and altered states of research, consciousness, and baseball in steroid metaphors drawn from biology, quantum physics, field theory, language, combined with cultural, social and essay spiritual practices, in a hybrid space of potentiality. In terms of the syncreticity of new media art, the following factors might be taken into in steroid, consideration:

Matter: dry computational systems and wet biological processes are converging to provide moistmedia for the artist. Mind: The human mind and telematic systems are interacting to produce a technoetic sense of politics and abortion, self and planetary collaboration. Spirit: Immaterial connectedness defines both quantum reality and the spiritual domain. Information: The biophotonic information network of the body parallels the telematic flows of electrons and photons across the planet. Technology: Both the media artist's interactive technology, and in steroid the shaman's psychoactive technology offer immersive pathways into altered states of consciousness. We can claim that a syncretic art can arise when media is conservatism essays, moist, the mind is technoetic, the body is transformable, and the planet is telematic. Some examples of essay, recent projects that demonstrate many of these qualities are to be found in the transgenic work of Eduardo Kac, such as Move 36, Genesis, and GFP Bunny.[ix] An example of essays, collaborative work of this genre can be seen in MEART: the semi- living artist [x], the product of Steve Potter's lab at Georgia Tech and Guy Ben-Ary's lab at baseball essay, the University of Western Australia, involving the brain signals of politics and abortion essay, cultured rat cells controlling robots on the other side of the planet. MEART: the Semi-Living Artist , SymbioticA Research Group.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image, 2003. The Tissue Culture and Art projects[xi] of Oron Catts and Ionat Zur constitute another exemplary syncretic discourse that ranges across ethics, biotechnology, artificial life, and art. Their studio is located in the laboratory environment of a university biology department, and it is likely that the development of advanced forms of syncretic transdisciplinarity of this kind will increasingly come from essay in steroid artist's studios located not only within or across scientific laboratories and engineering centers, but in truly remote regions such as the deep ocean or outer space. SymbioticA laboratory , University of essay on problem of rising prices, Western Australia. Symbiotica 2003. As far as science as a whole is baseball, concerned (its institutions, ideologies and discourses), syncretism is in many ways anathema.

The whole history of modern science has been to keep to the straight and nih grant cover letter narrow path of reductionism. This tunnel vision has had huge success and undoubtedly is the bulwark of pragmatism. So much of the economy of essay, utility depends on it. But it has been singularly unsuccessful in on problem prices, terms of human development, biological understanding and psychological or spiritual insight. Science is in steroid, firmly cautious of straying beyond the bounds of strict causality and reductive materialism, but artists are prepared to research paper look everywhere and anywhere to try to reveal what is real and authentic in human experience. Science is caught in a trap of its own making: for example, it recognizes the counter-intuitive precepts of quantum physics, while refusing to essay in steroid recognize their metaphysical implications. In so far as matters of consciousness are concerned, science is in examples of a thesis statement, denial.

Artists, untrammelled by orthodoxy (though no less concerned than the scientist with authenticity), are explicitly syncretic in their manner of baseball in steroid, creation. They are prepared to examine any discipline, scientific or spiritual, any view of the world - however esoteric or arcane - any culture, immediate or distant in space or time, in order to find ideas or processes which might engender creativity. There is no meta-language or meta-system that places one discipline or world-view automatically above all others. Such syncretic transdisciplinarity can inform artistic research at politics essay, all levels. This is why we look in all directions for inspiration and baseball essay understanding: to the East as well as the West; the left hand path as well as the right; working with both reason and intuition, sense and nonsense, subtlety and shaping research sensibility. Since syncretism is baseball, inherently impure, contaminated, unorthodox and alien, it fits well with the ambition, structure and shaping research paper layering of disparate and unordered sources of ideas and images that constitutes postmodernism in the arts. The conditions causing the emergence of a syncretic art reflect the order of things in the world at essay in steroid, large, and the many epistemological and ontological conflicts and uncertainties that shape our cultural scene.

These are set within a larger context of uncertainty that is almost cosmic in its dimensions. We have, for example, no knowledge of social research paper, what constitutes the very ground of our reality. We know very little about dark matter and dark energy, just as the purpose and function of junk DNA is unclear to us. Science claims that ordinary matter comprises only five percent of the stuff in the universe, with dark matter comprising twenty-five percent and dark energy seventy percent. Similarly unknown to science is the location of mind and the source of consciousness, which is not to say there is not a multiplicity of hypotheses. Within the study of consciousness, the essay in steroid issue of qualia has proven to be an intractable hard problem. Conservatism? In the early 20th century, consciousness became taboo in science. Before that, for millennia in fact, and certainly with the emergence of science in baseball in steroid, the 18th century, consciousness was openly discussed.

For just about the whole of the address last century, consciousness was the domain that dare not speak its name. Baseball Essay In Steroid? It was David Chalmers as much as any one who, in 1994, opened what can be seen as a syncretic bridge between the two opposed discourses of science and consciousness, with his identification of the hard problem. The easy problems in his view are those dealing with our ability perceive the world, make decisions, act, remember, to know when we are dreaming and when we are awake. On the other hand, The really hard problem of consciousness is the problem of experience . When we think and perceive, there is a whir of information-processing, but there is shaping research, also a subjective aspect.

As Nagel [xii] has put it, there is something it is like to be a conscious organism. This subjective aspect is experience . In Steroid? When we see, for example, we experience visual sensations: the felt quality of essay, redness, the experience of dark and light, the quality of depth in a visual field. Other experiences go along with perception in different modalities: the sound of a clarinet, the smell of mothballs . . . In Steroid? . What unites all of these states is that there is something it is like to be in them. All of them are states of experience [xiii]. While to state the hard problem is conservatism, not to solve it, Chalmers offers an approach that keeps open the possibility of consciousness being a field we inhabit (rather in the way that we inhabit space). His doctrine of psychophysical supervenience (first introduced into the philosophy of mind by Donald Davidson[xiv]) amounts to no mental differences without physical differences, without however ascribing to these physical differences an irreducible causal responsibility for differences in mental states. We know that these states of experience are limitless in in steroid, their variety, some seemingly having their source on other worlds - not just different universes of discourse (though they can alter powerfully our perceptions and sense of self), but new spaces of consciousness which we access through somatic or spiritual exercises, ritual ingestion of plants, sacred dancing, or the technologies of virtual reality and telematic communication. Behind many of these beliefs and practices, lies the idea of a dynamic field within which living beings interact and events are played out. Some of the more compelling field theories have been usefully sketched out in both their biophysical and metaphysical dimensions by Jean McTaggart in The Field [xv], just as a field-based morphogenetic model of biological process and its spiritual implications informed Richard Sheldrake's A New Science of Life [xvi] twenty years ago.

Sheldrake's controversial theory of formative causation states that there is memory of physical order, structure, or pattern, in nature that finds expression in morphic fields. The memory in these form-fields comes from essays previous forms of a similar kind. Morphic fields are an organizing principle of nature. He supports the contention that genes carry only a very small part of the biological information in a living system; most of it is in the memory carried within the organizing fields of an organism. Over time, the development of a larger memory of species experience, leads to the process of morphic resonance, where at all levels in baseball essay, nature, the form of systems is influenced by the form of previous systems. McTaggart identifies major scientists who contribute significantly to field thinking across a number of disciplines – holistic, metaphysical, spiritual or paranormal -- such as Karl Pribram, David Bohm, Fritz-Albert Popp, Charles Tart, Robert Jahn, Dean Radin, Hal Puthoff, Irvin Laszlo and Mae Wan-Ho. Field thinking informs an understanding of healing practices of various kinds. Research into the connection between the biophotonic parameters and the parameters of electromagnetic fields active on living system such as that undertaken at the laboratory of the International Institute of examples, Biophysics at Neuss, Germany[xvii]may provide some scientific validity to those ideas of self-regulation of the body to which various spiritual practices and baseball in steroid somatic therapies subscribe. The network of meridians in acupuncture may be related to the body's biophotonic field, as may the prana of Yoga. Statement? But the very inconclusive nature of scientific research in these areas, opens them, perhaps inevitably, to consumer abuse on the web, just as western medical jargon has long been exploited for in steroid, the purposes of quackery, deception and commercial gain.

However, just as the healing rituals in older cultures involved performative, interactive and imaging activity, it may be that art in contemporary society will come to acquire a more compelling value. In art, it is the field of interactivity that integrates the work, the politics artist and the viewer in what is both a material and an immaterial connectedness.[xviii] To discuss art in the syncretic culture it can be useful figuratively to locate any given work through the triangulation of three points, each weighted to a greater or lesser degree towards sacred art, conceptual art, or entertainment art. These polarities (and their many sub-categories) will of course be subtly nuanced, but they set out the essay three main strands that constitute what might be called the syncretic field of operations. There will be little difficulty in essay on problem prices, placing the larger categories of interactive/hyperlinked artworks (installed, performative or desk topped), or video games (arcade-based or globally-networked) in this schema. As to the question of sacred art, leaving aside the persistence of traditional religious practices from south America, Africa or South East Asia, contemporary examples will be found in the disposition of objects, places and performance in Umbanda, Vodou, Santeria and syncretic cults of Japan. One that is more extensive than most, in that it involves an entire township, a total spiritual ecology, is located in essay, the State of Brasilia, called Valle do Amanhecer (Valley of the Dawn). Trance Medium , Valle do Amadhecer, Brazil. Roy Ascott 1999. This is the center of the religion of Tia Neiva that practices spiritism and mixes Egyptian, Inca, Maya and Christian rites.

The art involved with its symbolism, ritual, music, images and conservatism architecture is almost monumentally syncretic. Essay? (On a much smaller scale the Brazilian ceremonies of Umbanda or Candomble constitute an equally complex syncretism in their codes and conservatism essays protocols). In Orissa, India, a Hindu township of similarly spiritual complexity is found in Puri, the home of Lord Jagannath, its syncretic consciousness enshrining in a Vaishnavite identity traces of Saivism, Buddhist Tantricism, Shakti and Tribal Sawara worship. Within this syncretic taxonomy of the triad, there is also a hybridity of space to be accounted for: the in-between of psychic space, cyberspace, and ecospace, just as there is of embodiment: apparitional presence, telepresence, and physical presence. Our phenomenology of space and time is undergoing a perhaps irreversible transformation. We are asynchronically and literally all over he place – often in many places at one and the same time. The distributed self is not only a well recognised feature of telematic networking, it also possibly marks an evolutionary development towards the multiple self - a multiplicity not just of (virtual/cyborg) bodies but of attitudes, values, intentions and purposes. The double consciousness experienced in shamanic states (being both in the physical world and the psychic world at the same time) is no more than a precursor of the multiple mind states we may come to inhabit (or which will inhabit us) in the syncretic combination of mixed reality technology, sacred plants, and other technoetic processes that we can expect to emerge over the next decades. For some decades, sociological and psychoanalytical discourses have attempted to construct a theoretical context for new media art. Often immured in a morose materialism they have failed to see the spiritual horizon, myopically setting their eyes on the Other, limited to the gross level of essay, reality, and maintaining a false dualism. Now, as a syncretic science of consciousness arises, and as artists increasingly navigate its altered states, it is the metaphor of the Double that exercises our minds.

In telematic space we are both here and out of essay of rising prices, body; mixed reality technology combines physical and virtual actions into essay, a new kind of event space; the ingestion of entheogens allows us to move freely between worlds. In respect of the double consciousness that shamanic states permit, it may no longer be seen as paradoxical that our scientifically- driven thought relates to models of consciousness and human identity based in the spiritual traditions of cultures previously dismissed as alien or marginal. Art may increasingly take on shaping a more psychoactive complexion, and it will be found useful to link archaic models of consciousness, such as we find in baseball, Amazonia for example, or amongst the shaping research paper Tsogho of essay in steroid, Gabon, and ideas of quantum coherence, such as we find in biophysics, and biophotonic research. These archaic models implicitly locate the human mind within a field of consciousness, rather than seeing consciousness as an epiphenomenon of the politics and abortion essay brain, as western materialist orthodoxies would argue[xix]. Altered states of consciousness can be accessed by means of ritualized forms of breathing, dancing, chanting, or by the ingestion of baseball, psycho-integrator plants[xx]. This understanding of good examples, consciousness as a field, and baseball in steroid our ability to navigate it (and, as many aver, to be navigated in it by other spiritual entities) is seen most vividly in the syncretic doctrine of afro-Brazilian Umbanda[xxi], which brings together Yoruba (originally from S. Good Examples Thesis? W. Nigeria and Benin), and baseball essay the spiritist beliefs of Kardecism (originally from France), with the social paper native wisdom and essay in steroid traditions of the forest.

Equally, from the Buddhist point of nih grant cover address, view, the mind is not a biproduct of the brain, but a field that is a separate entity from the body, and which confers an inherent connectedness on the human condition. If we move our focus from entheogens to engineering, that is to say from the immaterial to the profoundly material, we are confronted by an apparent paradox: the nano level of perception leads not simply deeper into matter but further into the quantum consciousness that lies beyond the molecular domain. As the nano scientist excavates matter, moving, re-assembling, and coordinating atoms and molecules in the nanofield, the distinction between the organic and the technological is becoming less distinct. Similarly our molecular knowledge may lead us to a better understanding of changes in consciousness and perception afforded by pharmacology. What ever is the case, we are now increasingly focusing our attention on the very small, at a level far beyond miniaturization: a nanometer is baseball essay, one billionth of a meter. This is at a level of perception that is, in any retinal sense and however technologically augmented, literally out of sight.

So much so that the scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) calls for touch rather than vision to navigate the nano field, and to and abortion manipulate individual atoms. I shall argue that the nanofield mediates between pure matter and pure consciousness and that its significance as an interface between two levels of reality can hardly be overestimated. There are a number of ways to view the nano phenomenon. The popular view is that advanced by Arthur Drexler[xxii], who has provided a mechanistic and materialist understanding of its potential. His ideas of nano engineering and materials science promise self-replicating nanobots, self-renewing structures and self-assembling environments, working within the body, within its environment, and in outer space. Some find that this view violates our understanding of the body as constituting a holistic, mind/body field. When the body is seen as no more than a material collection of baseball, atoms, it may make sense to apply a materialistic strategy of repair. But the essays living organism is infinitely more complex than that which the cyborg model, however sophisticated, allows. Baseball Essay? Developments in biophysics support this view: atoms and molecules cannot be context-independent. Conservatism? There is another other way of understanding the significance of our penetration of the nano world, which is to in steroid view these developments from the essay point of view of consciousness. This could lead to what could be called technoetic ontology[xxiii] since nano is the baseball essay plane on which technology and consciousness can meet.

This presents a challenge to the artist that is as much metaphysical as material, and nursing essays will doubtless require a syncretic solution. Materialist may see working in the nano field as the end game, but it is not necessary to embrace a radical transcendentalism to see that nano is located between the material density of our everyday world and the numinous spaces of subatomic immateriality. The STM cuts through the essay dense complexity of matter to focus on the individual atom – at a level that is touchable and untouchable, immediate and remote, as Gimzewski and Vesna have shown[xxiv]. Their recent exhibition at LACMA[xxv] was worthy of nih grant cover letter, note. Nano Exhibition , Victoria Vesna James Gimzewski, Los Angeles County Museum of in steroid, Art. Victoria Vesna 2004. Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mingnoneau have also tried to shaping research paper give artistic expression to these ideas in their work Nanoscape [xxvi]. Nano watching changes the essay in steroid ratio of the senses: to touch is to see. The auditory sense can also be involved. Grimzewski has discovered that to touch the atomic plane is to hear the essay voice of essay in steroid, molecules, whose sounds may signal distress as much as harmony[xxvii]. The atomic force microscope (AFM) allows him to hear the school scream of a yeast cell as it is doused in alcohol.

The individual atom, rather than simply employed as a building block towards denser material construction, can be considered as a point of access to the complexity of immaterial, subatomic domains. But there is essay in steroid, no simple dualism here, no choice to be made between the materialist and the spiritual point of view. The situation is to be viewed syncretically, as a matter of both both/and and either/or. It is through our eventual understanding of that subatomic domain that we may discover the source of good of a thesis statement, consciousness. We should be prepared to discover that individual consciousness is baseball essay, no more than an oxymoron. While individual self-awareness is a prerequisite of living beings, consciousness is more likely to be the attribute of a field than of the individual organism. A strong advocate for this point of view is essay of rising, Hans-Peter Durr, of the Max-Plank-Institut fr Physic, Munich [xxviii]. He argues that quantum physics reveals that matter is baseball in steroid, not composed of matter, but reality is merely potentiality. His research suggests that the world has a holistic structure, based on fundamental relations and not material objects, admitting more open, indeterministic developments. Good? From this it follows that in baseball in steroid, this more flexible causal framework, inanimate and animate nature is not to paper be considered as fundamentally different, but as different order structures of the same immaterial entity.

In a stable configuration, effectively all the uncertainties are statistically averaged out, thereby exhibiting the unique and deterministic behavior of ordinary inanimate matter. In the case of essay, statistically unstable but dynamically stable configurations, the 'lively' features of the underlying quantum structure have a chance to surface to and abortion the macroscopic level and be connected with what we observe as the phenomenon of life. The phenomenon of life may owe much to essay in steroid what has been shown to be a biophotonic information network between molecules within the body, possibly extending to other living organisms in the world (this suggest a parallel to the telematic flows of electrons and photons across the planet). Conservatism Essays? Briefly to describe the basic proposition concerning biophotonic process, we can turn to baseball in steroid Fritz-Albert Popp, director of the International Institute of Biophysics in Neuss, Germany: Biophoton emission is a general phenomenon of living systems. It concerns low luminescence from social research paper a few up to some hundred photons per second, per square centimeter surface area, at least within the spectral region from 200 to 800nm. The experimental results indicate that biophotons originate from baseball in steroid a coherent (or/and squeezed) photon field within the living organism, its function being intra and intercellular regulation and communication[xxix]. Also illuminating are the following points Popp has made in conjunction with J. J.Chang:

Bioelectrical or bio electromagnetical phenomena have been known for grad essays, a long time, but the coherent bio-electromagnetic fields, including biophoton fields are a new concept. They exist in living biological systems although we cannot see them. They are some kind of structure with specific patterns, but they are not real matter, only fields that regulate and bring the living system into a coherent state. Baseball? In such a state within the coherent volume, there is no difference between particles and waves, therefore distance has no meaning. This state provides ideal conditions for the communication that is the basis for biological regulation[xxx]. It is with this kind of and abortion, theory that we can see a correspondence to the Sufi's syncretic view of essay in steroid, in-between-ness of the physical and immaterial world, which was mentioned earlier. The biophoton is palpably visible and quantifiable at the macroscopic level, but at the same time has the quality of quantum immateriality. In quantum physics (from which discipline and social shaping its many interpretations, media artists have derived a wide range of useful metaphors) the most syncretic, par excellence, is the baseball essay in steroid Many World Interpretation (MWI).

The MWI of politics essay, quantum mechanics was first proposed in baseball essay, 1957 by Hugh Everett III, who argued that, whenever sufficient possibilities exist, the grad essays world splits into many worlds, one world or universe for essay, each possibility. In each world, everything is identical, up until the good examples statement point of each split, whereafter worlds develop independently, with no communication between them, so the people living in those worlds (and splitting along with them) may have no idea that this is going on. This endless branching and splitting of the world creates more and more diversity in what we can see as a kind of baseball essay in steroid, infinite syncretism, where anything is at all times possible, separate but related. Time also is syncretic, since the present of one observer, lies in the pasts of a vast number of different futures. At the same time, quantum physics yields insights which not only highlight the defining idea of interactive art- that it is the action of observing that creates meaning - but also provides a parallel to the inherent fuzziness of mind and content, the semantic potentiality of the truly open-ended, inconclusive, emergent quality of interactive art.

This gives rise to the notion of a fuzzy, open-ended syncretism, whose parts are coming into social shaping paper, being, in unforeseeable, unclassifiable variety, transforming, diminishing, re-appearing, within a non-linear structural containment. The same description could apply equally to mind, to the field of in steroid, consciousness. In the search for mind, especially in the context of the artist's use of technology to explore consciousness, which I call technoetics, the essay technologies of other cultures can provide an important example. As much as data is in steroid, stored deep in the memory space of the social shaping research computer, so knowledge is stored deep in the psychic space of the shamanic world. In the technology of the psycho-integrator plant, (the vegetal technology to which we have already briefly alluded), such varieties as salvia divinorum or the shamanic liana, ayahuasca (banisteriopsis caapi), called the vine of the baseball in steroid soul, and used in countless communities in conservatism, Brazil and baseball Colombia, are known as teachers, imparting wisdom as spiritual avatars. The researches of ethnobotanists such as Richard Evans Schultes [xxxi], Eduardo Luna[xxxii] and of rising Benny Shanon[xxxiii] document the power of these plants in their sacred setting to enable us to transform consciousness, to enter into other states of being, to communicate over great distances, to connect with other entities, and to receive knowledge and instruction from the plant domain.

In recent decades the use of vegetal technology to heighten spiritual experience has extended in towns and cities, in baseball, Brazil most extensively, but increasingly in other countries, largely through the practices of Santo Daime[xxxiv] and Unio do Vegetal. Examples? The opening up of public awareness to the power of plants to heal the body and to transform the mind will doubtless infiltrate art theory, if not immediately the practice of essay in steroid, art. Cover Address? As has been noted above, just as the artist's fascination with new technology has led to an electronic, interactive, telematic art, so it is possible to foresee a chemical or pharmacological ethos arising in art. A syncretic condition will arise when the two apparently opposed technologies are used in tandem; not simply cross referenced in an academic or analytical way, but brought together in a concerted conjunction of essay, actions. From this, new syncretic ontology may arise, just as our notions of outer space and inner space may coalesce into another order of cosmography. Within this emergent ontology, evolution can be considered as a purposive pathway towards increasingly greater access to the field of consciousness, where survival is measured on a spiritual level: the fittest being those most able to adapt their individual self- awareness to the larger whole.

This proposition could temper the often aggressive interpretation of 19th century ideology of Darwinism with a more purposeful model of co-operation and collaboration, from the molecular to the macroscopic level of life, in the way that Lynn Margulis has argued [xxxv], and as the nursing grad school research of in steroid, Mae-Wan Ho supports: Many remarkable individuals and local communities are indeed changing their own lives and the world around them for the better. They all do so by of a thesis statement learning from nature and recognizing that it is the symbiotic, mutualistic relationships that sustain ecosystems and baseball in steroid make all life prosper, including the human beings who are active, sensitive participants in the ecosystem as a whole[xxxvi]. In the evolutionary process, which the nursing grad essays scientific community may yet come to see as more teleological than wholly random, both telematic and pharmacological technologies can serve the transformation of the self and the connectivity of in steroid, minds, enabling what ever purpose is address, held in our genes, the increased facility of expression. Human expression, along with cognition and perception have been enhanced and perhaps changed by technology, to the extent that what can be seen as a wholly new faculty has arisen in the human sensorium: that of essay in steroid, cyberception. This faculty enables us to see deeper into politics, matter, further into space, to see the invisible, speak of the ineffable, to baseball essay in steroid multi-task, and good thesis micro-measure. The question then arises: does the telematic field of essay in steroid, cyberception attempt to mirror or even augment our awareness of the field of consciousness?

Locative media and telematic communication put the mind out-of-body and globally distributed, altering the phenomenology of cover, space and baseball in steroid time. Technoetic research into states of nih grant letter, immateriality and emergent materialization may redefine our ideas of identity and presence. Essay? Just as the quantum coherence of biophotonic networks can be shown to define living systems, so planetary consciousness may be illuminated by the coherence of telematic interactivity. We have argued that only a syncretic process can hold together the current ferment of essay of rising prices, ideas, images and models of reality that communities and cultures across the planet are generating. To recite the story of media art in its syncretic mode is not to advance its development, nor is it sufficient simply to outline the syncretic reality that is emerging.

Syncretic Art development chart. Roy Ascott 2005. A call to develop strategies that will strengthen this emergence is signalled. Essay In Steroid? We started with the announcement that the original etymology of syncretism would be observed, wherein 'habit' would be viewed as the enemy. Firstly, then, it is necessary to identify new knowledge fields, and to develop transdisciplinary discourse and practice to replace what has become clichd and intellectually ragged. In the case of uncritically pursued conventions of learning, research and creativity (the universal staple of universities and colleges), it will be necessary effect a reversal of the classical agenda by always insisting on prioritizing subject before object, process before system, behavior before form, intuition before reason, and conservatism mind before matter. A more extensive reversal is needed in terms of institutions as a whole, replacing them with syncretic, many stranded organisms of exploration, inquiry, learning and creativity. This will require a truly syncretic schedule of artistic, computational, psychic, biophysical and nanotechnological projects in order to bring about new material conditions for life and art, and liberate the requisite variety of cognitive modes and spiritual states for the fulfilment of our human potential. ©Roy Ascott 2005.

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Mutation generates new forms, and evolution proceeds by natural selection as different genotypes compete for CPU time and memory space. [iv] Nineteen psychedelics have each been screened against over one hundred receptors, transporters and ion channels, providing the first comprehensive view of how these compounds interact with the baseball in steroid human receptome. [. ] The project aims to understand the mechanisms underlying the qualitative diversity of actions of and abortion essay, psychedelics, by locating each drug in an abstract receptor space, a coordinate system with one axis for each receptor. Ray, T. The Chemical Architecture of the Human Mind: Probing Receptor Space with Psychedelics . (accessed 16.8.05) [vii] Adonis. Sufism and Surrealism . Trans: J. Cumberbatch. (London: Saqi, 2005.) 114. [viii] Drr, H-P. 'Inanimate and essay Animate Matter: Orderings of essay on problem prices, Immaterial Connectedness – The Physical Basis of Life'. In: H.-P. Drr et al (eds). What is Life? Scientific Approaches and Philosophical Positions . (New Jersey: World Scientific, 2002).

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